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Block Ice Machine

1. Daily production capacity: The output of our ice block maker is from 1ton per day to 100tons per day. But if export to abroad, we suggest make several units to reach capacity for direct technology block ice machine due to the limitation of transportation. Max. capacity for direct cooling block ice machine is 30MT/DAY.
2. Weight of ice block: The weight of the smallest block ice is 5kg and this size is at most for daily capacity 5tons, that's because if we make a more than 5tons daily production ice block machine, the cost will increase and evaporator too big not easy for shipment.
3. Ice freezing time: For 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, the ice freezing time is 5.5 hours. For 20kg, 25kg, the ice freezing time is 7.5hours, For 50kg, the ice freezing time will be 8hours to 12hours.
Block Ice Machine Technical Parameter: 
1.The evaporator adopts special aluminium alloy plate which is more durable and reaches food hygiene requirements
2. Ice thawing and ice doffing are fully automatic. No manual work is needed and the process is time-saving thus more efficient.
3. The ice is doffed by batch and the whole ice-doffing process only takes 25 minutes.
4. The whole batch of ice blocks can be moved by forklift. Quick and convenient.
5. Module design makes the ice maker easy to transport, move and install.
6. Every direct refrigeration block ice machine can be designed and produced according to your specific requirements.
7. The direct refrigeration block ice maker machine can be installed in 20ft or 40ft brand new container with other relevant equipments. 
8. Bitzer refrigeration system to guarantee performance;
9. Good heat isulation for water tank;
10. Focusun block ice machine is Good appearance,easy opeartion and maintenance.
11. Machine can be made into containerized model 
12.Compressor: Bitzer or Frascold or Hanbell screw compressor.
13.Water-cooled or Air-cooled water chiller for block ice machine.unit includes compressor,condenser,oil separator,gas-liquid separator,suction filter,dry filter,liquid sight glass,solenoid valve,H/L pressure gauge,pressure control,wiring control box,evaporator and expansion valve etc.

◆ Refrigerant: R22/R404A
◆ Supply Power: 380V~420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220V~240V, 60Hz, 3P; 440V~480V, 60Hz, 3P;
◆ Working Conditions: Input Water Temp: 21℃; Evaporating Temp:- 15℃; Condensing Temp: 40℃;
(Notice: the actual ice production will be changed with input water temp and ambient temperature.

Model Capacity Refrigerant Electricity consumption Installment power Operating weight Dimension
-- Ton/D -- Kw Kw Kg mm
FIB-05D 0.5 R22/R404A 2.055 2.5 560 1500×800×1800
FIB-10D 1.0 R22/R404A 4.850 6.0 960 1800×1200×2000
FIB-15D 1.5 R22/R404A 6.940 8.5 1260 2800×1200×2000
FIB-20D 2.0 R22/R404A 8.160 10.0 1460 2800×1400×2000
FIB-25D 2.5 R22/R404A 9.510 12.0 1660 3200×1400×2000
FIB-30D 3.0 R22/R404A 11.520 14.0 2180 3600×1400×2200
FIB-35D 3.5 R22/R404A 14.850 18.0 2100 3600×1650×2000
FIB-50D 5.0 R22/R404A 20.900 25.0 Unit:960 L1400×W1000×H1250
Evaporator:2860 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:670 1380×H2170
FIB-100D 10.0 R22/R404A 33.980 50.0 Unit:1680 L1800×W1000×H1450
Evaporator:2860×2 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:670 2000×H2410
FIB-150D 15.0 R22/R404A 59.150 75.0 Unit:2160 L2000×W1200×H1600
Evaporator:2860×3 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:1120 2175×H2565
FIB-200D 20.0 R22/R404A 85.550 105.0 Unit:2896 L2400×W1600×H1800
Evaporator:2860×4 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:1300 2650×H2645
FIB-250D 25.0 R22/R404A 94.050 120.0 Unit:3260 L3200×W1800×H2200
Evaporator:2860×5 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:1630 3050×H2780
FIB-300D 30.0 R22/R404A 113.550 150.0 Unit:3500 L3000×W2000×H2200
Evaporator:2860×6 L4800×W1000×H2250
Cooling tower:2730 3300×H2785
Standard condition: Dry ball temperature is 33 ℃ and water inlet temperature is 20℃.

Products Details

Our Service:


1.Free repair within 1 year of guarantee on the condition of operate the machine in the right way.

2. Our factory provide machine testing when customer come to our factory to see this machine.

3.We provide detail machine technical specification, electric diagram, installation book, operating manual, drawings

4.We can provide engineers to customer's factory to help installation and training workers if customer required.

5.We offer OEM



 How about the quality of your product?

· Our products manufactured strictly according to national and international standard. 

· We have CE, ISO certification.

· We take a test on every product before delivery.

· How about the price of this product?

· We can give the lowest price than market one.
· We do quotation as soon as possible for any customer.
· Discount can be given according to quantity.

· What is the MOQ?

· 1 set.

· Production Time?

· 2 to 3 weeks.

· What is the payment?

· 30% deposit,70% balance paid before shipment.

· What is the package?

· Export standard wooden box.

· If you can be customized?

· We can make products according to customer's requirements.

· What is the voltage?

· 380V 50hz 3 phase or any other voltage according to client's requirement.

· How many sets in 20ft & 40HQ container load?

· About 40 sets in 20ft container & 90 sets in 40ft container.

Customer Provide Information Before Quotation?

· How many tons of block ice in 24 hours?

· 1Tons to 1000 Tons.

· What is size of each block ice?

· Any size ice block.

· How many horse power for one ton ice?

· 5HP Compressor for one Ton ice Block.


· Do you want screw compressor or piston compressor?

· 3HP to 30HP.we recomend piston compressor.
· 30HP to 150HP.we recomend screw compressor.


· Do you Danfoss Pressure control & Solenoid valve?

· Standard Machine assemble China brand Pressure Control & solenoid valve.

· Inform us Refrigerant & Volage?

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